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Pflegeberatung HP Raphaela Horvath und Seminare für Betreuung und Pflege, Anleitung am Pflegebett für Angehörige


mit Herz und Verstand


Providing a good standard of care and support is extremely important to me – that is why I have created this exciting package of seminars to actively support learning.

Are you looking for in-house seminars that offer pioneering expertise and practice-based help to nursing and care staff? 
Look no further as this is exactly what I have created and deliver personally.

I provide tried-and-tested seminars for you and your employees; nursing professionals, curative educators, employees for care and daily living support. I also offer seminars for lead nurses on a range of subjects  to improve the professional and social skills required to meet the constantly developing requirements and regulations that have to be met when caring for older people.

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My seminars are very popular with participants; they are practice-based and specifically designed to be relevant to everyday health and care practice offering attendees skills directly transferable to their own work places. I believe that  the real success of learning and retaining new skills will happen when participants  can directly relate the course material to their own practice and areas of interest and concern. I design the  seminars  to be interactive,  practical and engaging; these core values shape the theory and structure of all my nursing seminars  and further training sessions. See Insight into seminar evaluations, please translate if interested

My standard practice is to check each seminar booking shortly before the event and update the material to bring it all in line with the latest nursing guidelines, national expert standards and the DNQP, IfSG hygeine regulations, the current medical knowledge in older peoples care / geriatric provision and the liability law for care and support.

Over the past 20 years of providing these seminars, some topics have proved to be enduringly relevant and popular for employees and important for all:

treatment care according to expert standards, practising delegation and improving collaborative working within teams,  time-management and team leadership,  PEG and tracheostoma care in the geriatric care facility, palliative care, pain management and end-of-life care, first aid and emmergency management, quality assurance and delegation within the framework of expert standards,  help for whole teams in building relationships based on empathy and understanding for people living with a dementia in their care.

curative education assistants and care workers in older peoples services 200 hours basic care, the understanding and prevention of  common psychological dependencies and physical and mental complications experienced by older people when receiving care, basic care with observation and examination, seminars for PEG and tracheostoma care, treatment care for simplest measures for  home nursing in integration aid facilities as part of a decision according to the $37 SGB V of 2015 such as blood pressure and blood sugar measurement, first aid bandaging, medication, seminars on care-related topics for older people with chronic diseases such as aspiration prevention, support for healthy eating, care and treatment of  people with epilepsy, understanding and caring for people with schizophrenia, understanding and caring for people with challenging behaviour and unmet needs , aromatherapy and aroma care.

nursing seminars in the context of basic nursing and the active prevention of diseases and common illnesses, medical observation without aids, seminars to improve communication with other health and social care specialists, nursing for chronic diseases such as Alzheimer‘s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, apoplexy and hemiparesis, obesity, chronic bronchitis related to nicotine damage and abuse, promoting mobility within the framework of the expert standards for falls prevention and preventing contractures when caring for older people.

further training in communication, caring for people who are communicating using violence and aggression, empathic care for residents living with a dementia, de-escalation in challenging behaviour, harmonious and positive communication with partners in care, relatives and friends, complaints management, pastoral conversations, first aid and emmergency management for people with chronic diseases.

seminars and training for group and individual activities, leading groups with enthusiasm and creating time for fun within the group, encouraging individual engagement and activity for people being cared for in bed, in a wheelchair and /or in the room of residents who either cannot or decline to  participate in group activities, memory training, biography work, seated dance, puppet show, animal-assisted therapy, suitable employment for men in the care facility, understanding more about sexuality in later years and working with the nursing team, understanding more about behaviour that is challenging and how we meet the care and health needs of the unpopular or difficult resident.

Seminars on time management, employee-orientated team building, increasing team motivation, recognising stressors and stress prevention, team support on the subject of violence and aggression, employee discussions and caring for partners in care and relatives, conflict management and team supervision. Seminars on the new management challenge of supporting intercultural care teams.

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I look forward to hearing from you and answering any queries or questions.

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